Aimee and David


August 22, 2011

This wedding was so really a lot of fun.  Jackie and I were lucky enough to shoot Aimee’s sisters wedding last year and this year it was Aimee’s turn.  The Flack and Juarez family welcomed us for a wonderful day of celebration.  It was really nice to see everyone again and to be around such joy and happiness…and the Flack family cookies!  I am really excited for this post because Aimee let me run with my creativity  and blog the wedding in all black and white!  It is especially awesome because Aimee is herself a photographer and I know she will really appreciate my vision.
I had no plan going into the wedding to do an all black and white post…it just started to come together when I got to editing.  It is a perfect fit.  Their was so much emotion and the black and white really helps to keep everything very simple and focused on the two families coming together.

Aimee and David

So good…David’s parents during the ceremony.

A moment between Aimee’s father and grandmother just after the ceremony.

So much emotion again…Aimee is crying in this shot and a tear is actually rolling down her cheek.

  The kids will finish this wedding off!

Aimee and David it was awesome to be able to share in your amazing day!