Alex and Bryce

Adena Mansion Wedding

July 14, 2012

We had a great time with Alex and Bryce a few months ago when they stopped by Columbus for an awesome set of engagement pictures down in Columbus’s Short North and all four of us have been on the same photographic page ever since. Usually Doug and I run around like headless chickens on the wedding day, it’s to be expected, there is A LOT going on, so it was awesome that Bryce and Alex set aside so much time for us to do portraits. This was the first time ever that everyone was so prompt we had extra time! Like, sit down and eat chipotle with the bridal party extra time… I don’t think I’ve ever sat down on a Saturday before… thanks guys!

Bryce and Alex and their bridal party were game for photos all over Chillicothe including in their new, and very cool apartment. Alex and Bryce had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony lead by Alex’s parents, Nicki and Mark, at their church, Open Door. From there we headed to the reception at Adena Mansion for saber opened champagne and cake smashing! Thanks so much Alex and Bryce for including us in your special day!

Also, a big thanks to Michaela for running around all day and working the photobooth at the reception… having an assistant to get Doug’s extra gear from the car is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me…

Alex and Bryce /// Married