Amy and Andy

December 7, 2010

What can I say?  This engagement session painted a pretty good picture of how awesome Amy and Andy’s wedding will be next year!

Jackie and I had an awesome time in Wheeling, WV this past weekend taking all sorts of great pictures with Amy and Andy.
Some facts about Amy and Andy…

First off, they are perfect for each other.  I am in the business of love and weddings, so I sort of feel like I know when two people are right for each other!
Second, they are wicked fun.  They actually painted a bedroom during the shoot and were tough enough to shoot outside in the freezing cold and STILL have fun!
Third, they met in a bar after a wedding…

I better let Amy tell that story…

“Andy and I met at his cousin’s wedding. I believe it was June 27, 2009.  I didn’t realize until just now that our wedding date is almost two years to the day after we first met.  I was at the wedding as the date of my then boyfriend (It was at Oglebay where we are having our reception).  After weddings at Oglebay everyone always goes to the Glassworks lounge.
On the way up to the bar my then boyfriend stopped to play the piano.  As I was waiting for him to finish I must have caught Andy’s eye because he came right up and started talking to me (He tells me now he was trying to swoop in and take me away!).  He proceeded to shout “Play Country Roads!”  Since my boyfriend couldn’t play it, Andy kindly reminded him that he could not be a musician in WV if he couldn’t play “Country Roads.”  Of course I laughed and agreed!  We talked briefly about the fact that we both went to OU and how much we loved Athens.  Since Andy realized his attempt to swoop in wasn’t working that evening we made our way separately to the bar.  Little did I know he was plotting ways to break the two of us up.  He told his friends that he had nothing against my boyfriend, but just that I should be with him.”

This is the bar where they met…
More story and pictures to follow…
“We didn’t meet again until about four months later in October.  I was out with my friends on a Saturday night at a local bar, and I was a single lady!  Andy walked right up to me just like he had done the first time and said, “Hey, I know you.” To which I said “Oh, yeah right, I’ve heard that one before.”  He said, “No, I met you at my cousin’s wedding and you were wearing that black dress!”  I was stunned that he remembered me, and said “Yes I was.”  Andy may have known he wanted to be with me from the first moment he saw me, but for me it happened that night when he lifted up his sweater and his t-shirt read “I <3 Athens!”  He was then, and still is, so much fun to be around.  We’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.”
“Andy and I both went to OU at the same time. I am two years older than him so my last two years there were his first two.  It is a possibility that we met down in Athens, but we aren’t sure.  I have a faint memory of being at the Junction (a bar in Athens),  and a guy saying to me that people tell him he looks like ALF and Wayne from “The Wonder Years.” To which I said, “People tell me I look like Winnie,” and he said,  “No, no you don’t.”  It is funny because when we first started dating he told me that exact same thing.  That may have truly been the first time we met, but I guess we will never know.”
“We have been together for about a year and two months now, and we love just spending time together.  Lately we’ve spent most of our time together fixing up our new home.  It was built in 1920 and although it’s in great shape we just want to fix it up and make it our own. It’s a project that we both love and hate, but the result will be so worth it.  Because of my background in painting, Andy lets me paint all the difficult areas of the house!  However, also being a perfectionist, I wouldn’t have it any other way… Andy’s a wild-man with a paint roller!! :)”
“When we aren’t working on the house we love to travel.  It always seems like every weekend we are out of town visiting friends or taking special weekend trips.  Andy went to Dayton Law School so he has friends in Indianapolis and also Chicago where we will be going this weekend to enjoy Christmas in the magnificent mile!  One of our special weekend trips was to Ft. Lauderdale over Labor day weekend, when Andy proposed.”
“We enjoy a lot of the same things concerts, plays, cheesecake, belting out random songs on our road-trips, and spending time with friends and family.  I love to Google and he loves to Facebook.  I enjoy everything we do together because even the simplest things turn into an adventure, and although I don’t want to wish away the present I can’t wait for the future.”
Their house is so, so, so sweet!  I am actually kind of jealous, I could fit a REAL nice studio in there!
Lights at Oglebay after dinner!
We were literally right on the side of he road and it was snowing really hard!  As people drove by they kept honking so Amy happily obliged!
Amy was worried the lights wouldn’t be on at the bridge, but  just as we walked out onto the walkway they came on!  Perfect timing!
Thank you Amy and Andy for letting us into your home to capture your amazing personalities and love!
See you in 2011!