Amy and Brian —–> Riviera Maya Mexico Wedding

January 11, 2011

Visiting Mexico in the winter is my kind of trip!  Just the right type of weather, no rain, perfect water, and not to crowded.  Amy and Brian picked the perfect time to have their Mexican getaway!  The wedding was at the RIU Palace Mexico in Riviera Maya.  The resort was amazing beyond all belief.  On our second night of the trip we ordered room service and Jackie turns to me and says….”this is the first time I have ever gotten room service!”.  I promptly said “unless we ever come back to an all inclusive resort it will be the last time you ever have room service!”:)

That was a joke….I think!
The wedding was amazing and having a week to hang out and explore Mexico was so amazing.  Jackie and I cannot thank Amy and Brian enough for everything they have done!

Amy and Brian …. Se Casó en México

The photobooth shots were done at their big reception in Mansfield!