Amy and Nate

Walden Ponds Wedding

September 5, 2012

When we first photographed Amy and Nate a couple months ago, and they bravely let me commandeer their four wheeler, Amy spent a couple minutes at the end of the shoot razzing Nate’s dad about pro football while wearing her Steelers’ jersey. At the time I thought it was a friendly family rivalry and she was just giving him a hard time… boy was I wrong! Amy LOVES the Steelers! A LOT!

Amy and Nate’s whole wedding was decked out in Steelers’ fanfare from the black and yellow bridesmaid’s dresses to the table runners to the recessional march and grand reception entrance songs. Personally, I think a fan so dedicated should get season tickets for life!

We had a great time with Amy and Nate at another hot, hot wedding! It was awesome to spend the day encouraging taunts and jeers and fun family rivalry over football. And luckily, the only sports team we really love wears Scarlet and Gray and won’t have any rivalry games with the Steelers any time soon, so we could sat back and enjoyed the ride!

Congrats Amy and Nate!

Amy & Nate /// Married