The Anerino Boys

Ocean City, NJ

July 3, 2014

This shoot was one of those chance happenings that ended up working out really well!
Chuck put the word out that he wanted to surprise his dad and have some pictures taken of all the Anerino boys while they visited Ocean City, NJ and since Jackie and I were sort of close in DC and on our way to NYC we decided it would be really cool to help them out.  Now, we don’t do much family stuff because the majority of people want overly posed “cute” pictures that really are not our style.  Chuck on the other hand is literally the ultimate documentary photographer so he was happy to just let us do our thing.

I (Doug) am really glad we got to do this.  Chuck and I have been photo friends for a number of years now and he is someone who has been a mentor to me as far as photography goes.  I shot a wedding with Chuck a few years ago and had the pleasure of meeting his family and also got to see him operate as “dad” with his 3 boys.  Coming from a family of 3 boys I know that he has his hands full.  Getting a chance to meet Chuck’s dad during the shoot was really cool because I was able to tell him that not only is Chuck a kick ass photographer but is also a kick ass dad (which as former teachers we did not see often).

We came, we ate (to much), and we photographed….

The Anerino Boys