Ariel —> Senior|2011

October 27, 2010

Jackie and I hardly ever shoot senior photos.  When we get the chance we are super selective about who, where, when and why.  Super traditional we are not, so it takes a unique senior to pique our interest.  We like to do senior photos for the senior, not for parents, grandparents, or yearbooks.  I am positive mom and dad will love them but we really shoot for the senior.  We want it to be fun for them and give them shots that mean something to THEM, if that happens then Jackie and I have done our job!
Ariel was looking for something less traditional, she is into a lot of the same types of stuff Jackie and I enjoy:  the outdoors, hiking, and general exploration of sweet places.  Perfect.  We decided to shoot at Brandywine Falls in Boston Heights and the Bedford viaduct in Bedford.   Brandywine Falls I have been to many times biking, hiking, exploring the falls, etc. so it was really awesome to have a chance to shoot their especially in the midst of the great fall color.  The Bedford viaduct I have driven past so many times going to and from places that I should have known about it but didn’t before we went there.  It definitely was amazing as you will see from the shots.  Ariel picked two great places to shoot and despite some mild rain and slipper rocks at the viaduct we had an awesome time.  Ariel was pretty much up for climbing anything and going anywhere which is exactly what we want from our clients.  Adventure, fun, and awesome places to shoot.
Ariel’s father Reggie also gets the award for best dad…..
He accompanied us throughout the whole shoot, holding clothes, making clothes runs back to the car, and occasionally throwing in a good joke!  I have worked with a lot of parents and Reggie wins for best one thus far!


Biker gang photo bomb at Brandywine Falls!

Something funny about this next picture…..

Last shot blows my mind.  That is a senior photo everyone.  Wow

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