Ashley and Matt —> The Clifton Club Reception

November 30, 2010

Jackie and I spent an awesome evening at the Clifton Club with Ashley and Matt as they celebrated their marriage with all their family and friends.
It was a chilly night but light was perfect and the Clifton Club was exceptional!  What a hidden gem in Lakewood.  Jackie and I were really impressed with the venue and how nice everything was from the pub area to the lounge/dining areas both up and downstairs.
A few toasts and some great conversation led to a night of fun dancing in the pub for everyone!
I enjoyed the intimate setting and just being able to capture the energy of all the family members and friends.
Here are a few Jackie and I enjoyed from the reception.

Matt has 5, yes 5 sisters!

More dancing craziness! I use two cameras as well.  You have two hands don’t you?!