Ashley and Mike

March 27, 2012

Life has been busy!   It’s wedding season again and things are in full swing again.  Seems like the Winter/off season FLEW by!

Very rarely do Jackie and I get to just go out and shoot for ourselves….
This set is one of those rare times!  Here is the story….

I put out the word on Facebook that Jackie and I (along with our good friend Cam) were looking for an enthusiastic couple who was willing to “model” for us.  Our good friend and Jackie’s pseudo cousin Brooke Paul (with Jackie’s family they are ALL cousins somehow!) hooked us up with newly engaged Ashley and Mike for the shoot in literally 5 minutes on Facebook.

Ashely and Mike are amazing.  Seriously amazing.  I could not have molded a better couple for us to shoot.  I had no “plan” for the shoot.  I quite frankly did not care who or what we shot…funny enough we ended up with pretty much our ideal engaged couple!  So not really much was different from what we normally do!

We shot on St. Patrick’s day in the Short North…. If you know what I mean… you know what I mean!  Hundreds of green drunk people!  It was awesome.
Here is a rundown of the shoot….

St. Patrick’s Day
Ashley and Mike
Crazy drunk green people
More crazy drunk green people
Crazy drunk green people who want to buy drinks for Ashley and Mike
A whole bottle of champagne
Back alley pictures
Man in a wheelchair interupting our shoot because he wants his picture taken
Picture of the man in a wheel chair
Cops yelling
Cops chasing a little drunk “pixie” girl
An arrest 5 feet from where I am standing
Ashely and Mike thinking Jackie and I are surely crazy
Dancing next to crazy Irish guys with cigars
Random shots in the parking lot after the shoot to finish a roll of film
Dinner and drinks

So ya… we have fun even when we are technically NOT working!
Since this shoot was technically for Jackie and me (even though it turned into something pretty epic for Ashley and Mike) I feel compelled to post some picture of the wheelchair guy and also the girl getting arrested!

Here We GO!!!! /// Ashley and Mike

Ashley and Mike… We cannot thank you enough for volunteering your time to come model for us!  Ideal is the word I would use to sum everything up!