Ashley and Steve

Wheeling WV Engagement Session

June 5, 2014

We had an awesome time with Ashley and Steve in Wheeling, WV. A couple years ago we made friends with a couple who grew up in Wheeling, and we’ve got to say, they have just about the most awesome group of extended friends and family we’ve ever met, so much so, that we make a point of heading to Wheeling a couple times every wedding season! That meant Ashley and Steve had some high expectations to live up to, and they did!

We met up in the park so their fur-kids, Rudy and Quinn could blow off some steam, and proceeded to have a great time chasing them around. Then headed to downtown Wheeling to cruise along the (very flooded) river walk. In the evening we headed to Oglebay to check out the wedding location and have an awesome dinner together. We love hanging out and getting to know our couples during the engagement session and we had a ton of fun with Ashley and Steve!

Ashley and Steve /// Engaged