Ashton & Steven


November 17, 2011

Another cold early start for this engagement session but we had some amazing light so a HUGE thanks to Ashton and Steven for being game for a morning shoot!  Jackie and I had an awesome time with Ashton and Steven at Perennial Vineyards just south of Canton.   Since we were there so early in the morning we had the whole place to ourselves…it was pretty awesome!  I don’t mind other people in shots and sometimes it can be kind of cool to use “random” talent but having free reign over a gorgeous facility cannot be beat.  We shot at the vineyard, had a little breakfast, and then headed downtown to the mean streets of Akron!
Ashton and Steven you guys were so awesome and SO SO easy to work with!  It is so easy when Jackie and I just click with our clients.  The wedding is going to be awesome!
On a side note going over these pictures I noticed Jackie and I picked all color shots!  So Ashton and Steven are officially our first ever completely color photo blog post!  I know, I know, better than winning the lottery….:)

Ashton /// Steven