March 6, 2012

You are seeing him here for the first time…the future of Cleveland basketball….ATTI HUGHESSSSSSS!!! Throwin’ the hamma down!
Well, at least his dad Tony hopes he will be a baller when he gets bigger!

Jackie and I shot Rebecca and Tony’s wedding a couple years ago and are lucky enough to have worked with many of their other friends!  I actually did not find out Rebecca was pregnant until just before she had Atti (I blame Facebook for not letting me know sooner !).
Jackie and I were really happy when they wanted us to come over and do some pictures with the new addition!
I really love being able to come back and continue to document amazing moments for couples after their wedding.  Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean the story is over!

Atti is lucky to have Rebecca and Tony as his parents.  He is no doubt going to grow up a very happy, plastic free, kid!  His room is already decked out in cool art from all over the world and even some of his mothers old stamp collection!
All Tony could talk about to us, and to Atti, was how he was going to take him to basketball games, baseball games, football games etc.  Pretty cool to see the father / son best friend connection happening even though Atti was only 2 weeks old!  Some of my best memories as a kid were going to baseball games with my dad and sitting behind the dugout hoping players would toss us balls during batting and infield practice!  As a photographer it is so cool to be able to photograph a family … but for me it is even cooler to be able to share in the stories and hear about a fathers dreams for his kid.  Pretty awesome!

Even though I can relate a little more with Tony I have to say that Rebecca was handling things amazingly!  Tony pulled us aside while Rebecca was feeding Atti during the shoot and told us how amazing she had been through the whole process, before during and after!

Thanks for letting us come share some time with you guys!  Most important…try to get some sleep!
Atti /// 2 Weeks Old

No plastic for this kid!

Atti’s room is amazing!  Check out Dad’s baby pic!

The technical term for this pose is the “Fencing Reflex”…. Tony would call it the “Jordan Tongue Finger Roll”
For those less sports oriented you can check out this LINK

Best buds!
Graflex Super D 4×5
Pental Dallmeyer f2.9 wide open
HP5+ 400 asa