Beth and Jim

Johnson’s Island Wedding

September 27, 2012

As photographers we get to meet all kinds of people and join their families for a weekend of celebration. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the type of couples that we see as friends, even after the wedding is over. Beth and Jim definitely fall into this category. They are two of the most fun, easy going people we’ve ever worked with!

We met up with Beth and Jim at her parents’ lake house on Johnson Island back in July and we returned for the wedding. I feel especially privileged to have grown up on Lake Erie, so for me going to Johnson Island was like going home. What made it even better was that Beth and Jim and their families treated us like we were home too! It’s not often that a wedding is so well organized that there is downtime to watch an OSU game, much less an opportunity for us to cheer for our alma mater along with the bride and groom!

Beth and Jim’s ceremony and reception took place at the Johnson’s Island Club house, a local hangout for history buffs because of it’s confederate soldiers’ graveyard and the importance of the island in the war of 1812 (both of which were mentioned in Beth’s dad’s speech!) We had a great time with everyone and partied at the photo booth all night long! Congrats!

Beth & Jim /// Married
The Rehearsal