Brad and Darlene —-> 10/2/10 Wedding Portraits

October 15, 2010

So I thought I would do something a little different for this post.  Josh and I shot Brad and Darlene’s wedding at Dorral Farms and did quite a few really traditional portrait setups with everyone that I wanted to feature in a post instead of a whole wedding.  Why?  Well first off it is different.  Transcendence Studio work is normally a little less traditional and this post will highlight some beautiful traditional “portraits”.   Second it is simple and features Brad and Darlene in love which is really what we set out to capture every time we shoot a wedding whether someone wants photographs that are a little more traditional or with more of a storytelling feel like we normally have.

Brad and Darlene were awesome and despite the rain we had awesome time both at Dorral Farms and at the park we also went to in Dublin.   The shall Darlene wore was also a great touch and went along with the fall decor of the wedding (and temperature!).


I am thinking this is Brad’s best shot!!  Tough for sure.  Darlene you of course look beautiful as well!

Huge thanks to Josh Evilsizor for shooting along side me on this one again.  The second to last shot is his and an awesome candid even if this is “traditional” post!