Brad and Becca

Valley View Ohio Engagement Shoot

September 18, 2013

Well, this is a first for us… We’ve shot a lot of weddings, and so we’ve shot a lot of engagement sessions to go with them, but Brad and Becca were a different story entirely. Usually our couples as super excited to work with us, have picked out locations and outfits, and are totally willing to do everything we suggest… and they usually buy us dinner. Becca was the picture of perfection on this front, excited, nice, fun to work with… Brad on the other hand, was another story, mostly because Brad is Doug’s brother… which means he made our jobs as difficult as humanly possible and really enjoyed every second of it! We also had to buy our own dinner. Shoot!

All joking aside though, we love these guys (obviously), even if they never listen to anything we say. We’re getting pumped to shoot their wedding (and make cameo bridal party appearances) in a couple weeks along with our awesome friend, Jon Mold! It’ll also be nice to not have to threaten to kill Brad in his sleep if he didn’t marry Becca before she wised up!

 Brad and Becca /// Engaged