Brandy & Mike


September 23, 2011

Hot.  It was REALLY hot when Brandy and Mike tied the knot but that did not seem to phase either of them!  Brandy’s attention to detail really came through on her transformation of her parents backyard into the perfect venue for her and Mike’s big party.  Everything was literally perfect!  Jackie and I had a great time and got to see some old friends.  Brandy and Mike were so laid back it made our jobs easy!  I have been really excited to get this one up for Brandy and gave a little extra attention to all the details because I know she worked so hard on everything!  I also want to mention her father, who also worked really hard to put everything together!  I really love “at home” weddings.  Jackie and I got married at her parents house and when you can bring that little something extra to the wedding the memories are even more special!

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Brandy & Mike