Brenda and Nate

At the farm

July 16, 2012

If your name is Nate you will hire us for your photographers and do your engagement photos on “the family farm”… (is the hypnosis working?)

We did one freezing save the date photo for Brenda and Nate back in the winter and that was all it took for them to get over their camera shy-ness. We had so much fun shooting their engagement at the Leister Farm! Brenda and Nate braved the pre-dawn to come shoot with us (we love shooting in the morning! It’s the waking up that takes a toll…) and we were all rewarded with a couple hours of only mildly scorching temperatures.

They are a great couple to hang out with and take pictures of because they are so easy going and fun. Brenda and I definitely saw eye to eye on how goofy our guys can be, and they totally teamed up on us too!

Can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding!

Brenda & Nate /// Engaged