Buttons, Cheese, and Sunshine….A Wedding Story

July 28, 2010

Jackie and I had the honor of shooting Katie and Matt’s wedding this past weekend in Marblehead, Ohio on the shore of the Great Lake Erie! This was a special wedding for us for a few reasons. First, Katie and I have been friends since high school. Second, Matt and Katie are also DJ’s and did the music at our wedding (which they killed! people danced all night and it was amazing). And third, Marblehead is not far from where Jackie grew up in Vermilion and lakeside weddings are always wicked awesome.
So the post title….
Katie has the nickname of buttons, and Matt has the nickname of cheese. Long story and Dickens’ I am not! Katie also made Matt this shirt that said “I am your sunshine, your only sunshine” when they were dating and Matt wore it under his tux even though it was a little tight and a little long (see the pictures!). So in a nutshell that is buttons, cheese, and sunshine.
I cannot thank Matt and Katie enough for doing the music at our wedding and if anyone ever needs a DJ feel free to contact me about Matt cause he does it right!
Katie did not plan on seeing Matt before the ceremony but changed her mind after seeing how much time Jackie and I had for pictures because we saw each other before the actual ceremony. So we ended up having a ton of time to shoot and did 3 or 4 different locations which gave us so much variety and soooo many pictures. It was hot but the wedding was awesome. They had a sweet band during the ceremony and the reception was laid back, fun, and nice and air conditioned cool!
Jackie stole the show with a lot of these shots and a big thanks to my brother Brad for coming along to help on on the photobooth! He got people hoisted on shoulders…nice!
74 of the best shots follow……..

The shirt she made Matt…..

Just before the first look.  She can see Matt outside, all Jackie on this one!

I call this one ladies in waiting.

So much attitude!  I have smiling and laughing ones to go along but these are sooo perfect to me.

Flower Boy!  He will hate me in 15 years!

The fathers enter….

Best flower toss I have ever seen!  And it almost did not happen because the party was winding down and Katie and Matt were getting ready to leave.   Seriously though in the second to last pictures she gets steam rolled!  Now that is how it is done!

Weddings + Sunsets + Great Lakes = Better than most photos!

I love my job!