Cas and Cam

Taylor Mansion Wedding

July 9, 2012

Wow where to start…
Cam and Cas came to me and Jackie about a year and a half ago during their search for a photographer for their wedding.   Cam found us through a photography forum for wedding photographers (which he is as well).  Seeing as we were both local to the Columbus area we ended up hanging out quite a bit for “camera talk”.  Primarily it was just me and Cam… guy time pretty much.  Eventually we became good friends and Cam has actually been an invaluable part of our business helping me and Jackie out with shooting, the photobooth, and some general assisting.   Cam is a damn good photographer in his own right and it has truly been an honor to get to know him, work with him, become friends with him and Cas, and also help him grow his wedding photography business.

It is funny how things work out…  Jackie and I actually found and met our wedding photographer through the same forum and remain very close friends with him and his wife to this day even though we do not get to spend as much time with him (they live in Bethesda) as we would like.

So this wedding was pretty special for me and Jackie because of how close we both are to Cam and Cas.  One would think that it would be more stressful to shoot another photographers wedding but I actually really enjoyed it because everyone was always on the same page.  The four of us all understand how it works and that makes the day extremely easy…at least for me and Jackie!

To Cas:  Cam and I both thank you for your patience!  Being a wife of a photographer can be a tough thing…but you make it look easy!  I appreciate you letting me borrow Cam pretty much whenever I need him!  Also, you did an amazing job with the wedding.  Men and planning weddings just do not go together…we need good women to do it for us!  Your attention to detail was amazing and the decorations were fantastically done!

To Cam:  You are my go to guy!  It is going to be hard when we eventually make our way out west to not have you around to back us up whenever we might need help!  jackie and I are officially passing the Central Ohio flame off to you!  We are both excited to watch your business grow and see how things progress in the years to come!

Subsequently we produced 3 of our finest 4×5 shots to date during Cas and Cam’s wedding!
It was an amazing couple of days with 2 amazing friends.  We are honored we got to be a part of it!

Cas and Cam /// Married