Clare and Curt — Island Engagement

June 14, 2011

Perfect weather, perfect sun, perfect setting…..Clare and Curt’s engagement pictures were awesome!  They asked me if I would come to Put in Bay to shoot their engagement pictures at their families summer house on the island.  Put in Bay is an awesome location and a fun hangout for anyone looking for the “lake/island” lifestyle…..  Now for people that don’t normally do the whole “lake” thing don’t worry, I didn’t either until Jackie and I started going out like forever ago….Now that we are married I have had years to accustom myself to the ways of the lake!  It really is pretty sweet to be able to operate on “island” time.  Show up, hang out, take some pictures, and have a good time!  It doesn’t get much better!  My voice decided to go out at the wedding I was shooting the day before Clare and Curt’s pictures so I am sure Curt’s family thinks I am a complete goon because of how I sounded but I am sure I will have plenty of changes to redeem myself!

A big thanks to Curt’s family for cooking the perfect dinner and inviting me to share the evening with the family.

Clare and Curt