Crazy Summer and More Film!!!

June 16, 2010

So this summer is pretty crazy for both me and Jackie….

We are getting hitched July 4th at her parents house in Vermilion which is right on the lake.  Masses of people will descend upon her parents place the week/weekend of the wedding to boat, swim, set off massive amounts of fire works and anything else that we can think of!   So much of our free time has been spent getting ready for the party and of course taking the boat for sunset trips on the lake.  This weekend we will be going to NYC for an engagement shoot and then the week after I will be in Pittsburgh shooting a wedding with Deb Cull.  After our wedding we are going to Alaska to hike in Denali National Park for a couple weeks and then as soon as we come back we are solid weddings till October.  The blog shall not be neglected.  Along with the normal engagement and wedding posts I will throw up some stuff about our travels to NYC, Pittsburgh, Alaska etc.  I have also been shooting a lot of film which will get some blog time here and there as well.

Summer 2010 here we come!!!!

Now his would not be a very good post without pics.  Here are a few FILM shots from the Rally in The Alley, and of the two best gals in my life.. Jackie and Layla:)

NOTE:  None of what I do would be possible without the support and constant help of Jackie


Some massive NYC posts to follow.