Cristin & Andy


August 30, 2011

Jackie and I had a great time with Cristin and Andy doing their engagement pictures all over downtown Cleveland.  Amazing weather, amazing locations and an amazing couple!  They were both so so so photogenic!  Cristin will probably be upset at me for telling this story, but I have to….  Check out the pictures the story will follow….

Note: We have no idea what the graffiti means…and we all agreed that anyone we  showed the pictures to should not have any idea what it means either!  So they made for a fine backdrop!

Cristin & Andy


So as we shot on the bridge some people at a local bar kept giving us all a hard time, wanting us to do shots, etc.  It was actually kind of comical.  Typical “Flats” type behavior.

I think I was testing light and they were goofing around…reminds me of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Awesome.

As we were all packing up the car and getting ready to head downtown, a gal came out of the bar and straight up to us and asked Andy if he wanted to come into the bar because her friend wanted to buy him a drink….Hmm maybe she didn’t notice Cristin….Andy was a complete gentleman about it and of course turned her down graciously…The gal of course insisted and then was like “oh are you guys like married…?” Cristin explained they were engaged, and sadly, the gal went back into the bar.  It was one of the oddest and funniest things I have seen in a LONG time.  I am sure it will make for a good story for a long time!

My favorite part of being a photographer (besides taking amazing images along side Jackie) is definitely getting to know and hang out with our clients.  Andy actually is cousins with someone I went to high school with…small world!  A BIG thank you to Cristin and Andy for being rocking it during the shoot and for a wonderful dinner at the Yacht Club!