D + B on Film Ada, Ohio Wedding

June 6, 2010


What is film?  Who uses film anymore?  Can you still buy film?

We live in a digital age.  Up until this point every frame that I have taken professionally has been digital.  101100011100101010010111.  Ultimately that is what any picture from a digital camera is if you really think about it.  Digital made our lives easier, faster, cheaper, and certainly more fun.  Their is something about film though that I have not been able to shake for the past year or so.  I shot film when I was little and had my first camera my parents gave me that they got from my Uncle Rich.   I also shot film at OSU when I was in college.   When I started shooting in college for a studio I went digital and never looked back.  It was just to easy to do digital.  I always missed film though but never really gave it a second thought.

I ultimately have to give credit to Evan Baines (who is shooting my wedding) and Daniel Shaw who, through their film work, inspired me to start shooting some film again.   Their is something so simple, pure, elegant, and timeless in film shots.  They just feel different.  It isn’t about the camera with the most megapixels or the best photoshop action or any other new “fad” that happens to be popular at that time in photography.  It is about the people, the emotion, the story.  I work a lot of black and white into my normal editing because I like the look and feel and it fits my photojournalism/storytelling style.  So shooting black and white film with my new (old!) Eos3 was like meeting and old friend.  Funny to see how much I have grown as an artist from my early photography forays in college.  Most of the film I shot I have to send out to be developed because with the digital age no one can afford to keep a good film lab open.  Only a few exist in Ohio.  So those shots will have to wait, and I can promise that they will impress based on what I am going to show today.

The shots I am putting up are from an Ilford roll of BW film that is purposely made to be processed C41, which is the color processing you find at walgreens etc.  True professional black and white film needs a different type of processing, meaning I have to send it away and pay tons of money to have it done!  The shots are from the wedding I shot yesterday with Mike Mizzell a Charleston, South Carolina Wedding Photographer.  I will have many more shots both film and digital when I am able to sit down and edit.  For today I am posting just a few shots from the C41 roll I shot yesterday.  I do not know if I will ever incorporate film into my regular work but for personal work it will be a fun new challenge that ultimately will make me a better photographer in any format whether it is digital or film.

These shots are not processed in photoshop in any way, no crop, no sharpen, nothing.  They are straight from the Sam’s Club developing machine.  No watermark, just a simple resize to fit them to the web.

This is emotion, storytelling, and love.