Danielle + Noah — The 3rd View

June 27, 2010

Alright so Jackie and I will be married by this time next week! Super busy around here but still blogging away. I had the wonderful chance this past weekend to travel to Pittsburgh to shoot a wedding with Naples, Florida Wedding Photography Team Deb and Matt Cull.  Super awesome husband and wife team that has been doing some pretty heavy duty traveling this year to shoot all over the country.  The wedding was in a quaint bed and breakfast in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Since I was not the main photographer at this wedding I was able to capture some photo journalistic moments that I might not otherwise be able to get if I am off doing other necessary shots like formals etc.  I decided to go all black and white on these because the bed and breakfast had a very old fashioned feel and the light was sooooo perfect for creating perfect black and white shots.  The grandparents were amazing and the shots will show it!!  Grandma even got a phone call during the ceremony and took it….because she is Grandma and she can do whatever Grandma wants!

Shot of the guy looking out the window is actually a groomsman.  It was a quick moment and I was lucky to get that one shot that I did.