Deeba and Bita

Wisteria Gardens Elk Grove, California Wedding

August 7, 2014

Internet friends… that’s sort of how this started…
Deeba and I know each other in a roundabout way from a photography forum we both frequent.  The week before his wedding he asked if anyone was available last minute.  We were, and I offered.  Soon enough I was telling (maybe I should have asked first…) we were going to be going to Cali on short notice!

First of all, we love California, so any excuse to get out there is a good one, and secondly, we’d never shot a Baha’i wedding and we love getting to see and shoot and experience new things.

As it turns out, Baha’i weddings, and Deeba and Bita, are all awesome! We drove out from San Francisco for the beautiful garden wedding. The whole day had neat personal touches, friends and family performed the ceremony, made wedding cake, and set up the reception.  It was a fun laid back day just like we like them!

We came to Cali, we shot film, and we conquered Deeba and Bita’s wedding!

Deeba and Bita /// Married