Elizabeth and Gavin

August 18, 2010

This past weekend Jackie and I had the chance to spend 3 days with two wonderful families telling the story of Elizabeth’s and Gavin’s wedding.  Jackie and I knew this weekend would be really awesome because we had so much fun during Gavin and Elizabeth’s 3 day engagement shoot in NYC a few months ago.  The rehearsal was held at The Country Club in Pepper Pike and was a night of toasts and basically a recounting of everything Gavin has done both naughty and nice in his life.  The wedding took place at Botzum Farmstead in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  I had lived relatively close to it my whole life and never knew it existed,  it was quite a find by Elizabeth and a photographers paradise.   The brunch Sunday was at Elizabeth’s parents house and was a fun time to eat relax and talk about everything that happened during the wedding.

So happy to be a part of everything.  A big thanks to everyone for constantly congratulating me and Jackie on our marriage.  I am truly blessed to have Jackie and would not be able to run this business without her by my side.  People always ask if it is hard to give up weekends to photograph weddings but I don’t really have to give anything up because Jackie is right there with me and we are both surrounded by hundreds of extremely happy people.  Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?  I like it at least!

Jackie and I strive every shoot to capture a couples story, our imagery hopefully lets everyone into the couples happiness and joy even if it is only for a day during there wedding.  The more we can be a part of the easier it is for us to tell that story.  With the rehearsal, wedding, and brunch you get the WHOLE story!

This is how a story should be told.

Elizabeth and Gavin

Day 1: The Rehearsal

Day 2:  The Wedding

Her mothers wedding dress…..

Rain maybe?

Botzum Farmstead

Radar check pre-wedding.

We have rain!

Day 3: The Brunch

Congrats Guys!

Doug OUT!