Emily and Joel

Breckenridge Colorado Wedding

July 24, 2012

As Sara Wilbur put it, Emily and Joel had “the most documented proposal and efficient wedding planning ever.”

We met Emily and Joel at Genesis 3 in Las Vegas this past March where they were picked by Tony Hoffer as the demo couple (After Joel wrote Tony about his proposal plan, how romantic!). I felt like I bonded with Emily right away over couple tattoos and how overwhelmingly awesome it was to hang out with a bunch of great photographers instead of going to “work” for a week, I think we might have even chatted through one of Tony’s editing sessions (Sorry Tony!).

We met up a couple weeks later in Denver while Doug was snowboard racing at USASA Nationals for dinner and got to hang out with Emily and Joel again.  By the time dinner was done we had already hashed out some plans for our return to Colorado to shoot their wedding in June!

June came and we made another trip out to Colorado (it’s quickly becoming our favorite state…) to photograph Emily and Joel’s wedding a mere three and a half months after their epic proposal in Vegas! Luckily Emily and Joel are a pair of phenomenal artists (both visually and auditory) in their own right and had thoughtfully and thoroughly covered every base of wedding planning.

They had a beautiful ceremony and reception with the forest as a backdrop at the top of Breckenridge Resort. Every element of the day was personal and emotional from Emily’s pyrography hand tying box (check out her woodburning at Emi.Nation Artistry, she is truly fantastic!) to the guest eggs that Emily painted and inserted a loving quote into, to the personal and heartfelt vows Emily and Joel exchanged. Emily and Joel’s wedding really emulated our favorite type of wedding, the outdoorsy family affair where we really get to be part of the group for a little while.

With as much fun as we had with Emily and Joel’s families, Doug and I had to keep reminding ourselves that we had 45+ awesome photographers peeking over our shoulders on this one… lucky for us Emily and Joel let us drag them through the woods to get some awesome 4x5s that even our Genesis critics are going to love!

Thanks so much to Emily and Joel and their families and friends for letting us crash the party and hang out for the weekend!

This was an extremely important wedding for me.  The conference we met Emily and Joel at was attended by some of the best photographers in the nation who also happen to be some of our good friends.  I was humbled that Emily and Joel choose us to shoot their wedding.  Like Jackie said above, being able to be immersed in the “whole” event from when the first family members arrive until the last family members leave when it is all over is really the ideal way for us to work a wedding.
Also I might add that Breckenridge, Colorado is an IDEAL place to have a wedding.  When Jackie and I get ready to relocate next summer we are going to have a hard time picking… and you can guarantee  Breckenridge is near the top of our list.A few thank you’ s….
First off we must thank Tony and Amy Hoffer for blessing us with two magnificent souls to photograph both at Genesis and then at their wedding.
Second we would like to thank everyone at Genesis.  I do not have room to name you all but trust me when I tell you I could feel 45+ pairs of eyes staring me down on every shot:)
Third I would like to thank Emily and Joel and both of their families and friends for welcoming us into the family for the long weekend and for being generally amazing people!
Last but not least I need to thank Jackie who I could not do this without.
Grab a sandwich and a beverage because there are A LOT of pictures.
Emily and Joel /// Married

You thought your wedding location was cool:) Emily and Joel beg to differ!

First dance practice… Jackie and I did the exact same thing the night before our wedding…. I am glad it helped Emily and Joel because our dance sucked!