The Meet Up

We want our images to give you a glimpse into a moment of your lives. That glimpse contains your engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, and your wedding… We want to be there to capture it all: your families, your lives, your love. Meeting our clients is a great way for us all to get to know each other and for you to tell us about the amazing wedding you are planning!

The Engagement Shoot

The engagement shoot is where your story starts! You’ll have these pictures forever, so we want you to be able to look at them in 30 years and remember what you did, where you lived, and what you liked to do. Or even joke about how you are doing practically the same things 30 years later! We’re always keen to explore new places or journeying back to ones that are special to your story. Don’t be afraid to suggest a place that is not local; traveling gives us a chance to be creative and authentic, and it helps us tell your story in a meaningful way.

The Wedding

The big day can be crazy! We will work closely with you and/or your wedding planner to make sure everything is timed perfectly! Our goal is always to tell the complete story of the day so we like to be there from the very beginning until the last guest leaves!

Making Your Album

The wedding is finished and everyone loves the photos! Now it's time to choose photos for the album. We are as flexible as our couples...sometimes couples want us to pre-design an album if they are super busy and sometimes couples want to choose their own images for the album. Either way we will send you a proof of the design to check over before the album or albums go into production. When you get the album you can relive all the wedding moments forever!

Securing Your Images

The wedding and honeymoon are over, and you have your amazing wedding album, now it is time to make sure all of your images are secured and backed up. The proof site will stay active indefinitely for online viewing and print ordering but it is important to backup all the images yourself. If you get an album you will also receive a flash drive with all the images on it. Make copies! Give a copy to your parents or brothers/sisters. This way if one gets lost you always have a backup! The images on the proof gallery can also be downloaded and backed up as well. The images you download and the images you receive on the flash drive are the same so either method works!