Fall is Here!! —-> 3 Previews

November 3, 2010

It is fall!  The weather is finally cool (thank God!) and engagement shoots are in full swing.  I have 3 couples that will be hitting the blog once the edits are done so I thought that in the mean time I would do a nice little preview for everyone.

3 sessions….2 pics each!

A rare break next weekend and then weddings, more engagement shoots, more weddings and then……MEXICOOOOOOOOO!

Life is busy….but GOOD!
Jackie of course gets massive praise for being an awesome wife and a big thanks to all of our awesome clients for being so awesome!

The preview:

Mitzie has a great “serious” look which will be fully featured in the full post!

Orchard + Vineyard + Wine = Engagement Shoot?!! Why yes it does.  This full set has some epic light involved!

Coshocton is in the middle of nowhere…. but still an awesome spot to do an engagement shoot!  So much variety with this full set and of course help from Sam!

Full sets on all 3 to follow next week!