April 12, 2011

How can we contact you?
Click the CONTACT link in the word cloud menu!  You can also reach us by email, phone, or facebook!  The details are below.

How do I setup a meeting?
First you need to head over HERE to check out our unique process!  Like that?  Awesome, then you can contact us by using the CONTACT link in the menu.  Please provide us with the date of your wedding, your phone number, email, and any other important information.  If we have the date available we will send you all the necessary information to book.  The pricing and client guide, the contract, our initial questionnaire, etc.  Then we will setup a time to get together for lunch or coffee to go over everything!

What can I expect from the meeting?
By the time we meet we like to have most of the business formalities out of the way.  The last thing we want to do is sit around and debate packages and money for an hour.  We will always bring our sample albums but the extent of planning we want to do is figuring out when we will shoot your engagement session!  Our time with you is for talking about YOU.  We want to get to know you as well as possible!  This is when we start learning about your story!

I have the contract… now what?
Send us the signed contract and the 750$ deposit and you are booked!

What if I have questions about the contract?
I love the phone…why…because it is WAY easier to go over the contract on the phone than it is through email, FB, or text message!  We will make sure to explain everything very clearly.  We don’t want you to have to worry about the small print.

What is the payment schedule?
The deposit of 750$ is due at the time of the contract signing.  The remainder of the payment is not due until one month before the wedding.  The package MUST be paid in full.
Some couples choose to spread the payments out paying portions every couple months.  As long as the package is paid in full by one month before the wedding we do not care how you go about paying us.

What do you accept for payment?
Personal check, money order, cash, bank check, credit card, paypal, gold bars, silver bars, diamonds…
No one has paid us in gold bars, silver bars, or diamonds yet but we would not be opposed to those!

When can I expect my images to be done?
Wedding images, especially in peak season, can take up to six weeks to complete.  Most times we put up a sneak peak a day or so after the wedding and follow that up with a full blog post a couple weeks after the wedding.  When all the images are finished they are posted in a private gallery online for viewing.

Unlimited Coverage!!??
Yes your wedding coverage is not hourly.  Our unlimited coverage is for ONE 24 hour period PER EVENT (for example the rehearsal dinner is a seperate even from the wedding).  So, if you are getting married on Saturday and have us start at 8 a.m.  the coverage is over Sunday at 8 a.m. …technically (although you most likely will be done way before that!). If you are having a multiple day celebration and want us to cover that extra charges will apply.

How does the photobooth work?
We bring an associate to run our booth.  We need an area that is approximately 10ft. x 10ft. in order to setup our booth.  We can use a background that your venue has (a brick wall perhaps) or we can bring any one of a number of backgrounds we have.  Your guests find their friends, bring them to the booth, wait in line, have 4 pictures taken 3 seconds apart (hopefully switching goofy poses), and then receive a print out of the crime!  You also receive a print out as well as the digital images of each individual shot!

How do I pick the picture for my albums?
When the images are done we will send you a private link to our proofing site where you can view all of the shots from your engagement or rehearsal/wedding, etc.
This is where you can mark favorites for albums!

How many pictures do I pick for an engagement album and a wedding album?
If the engagement album is going to be a guest book as well we suggest picking your favorite 25-30 shots and then we will do the designing from there.  You always have the final say so if you want an image switched it can be done!
For wedding albums we suggest moving from our standard 15 page book to a 20 page book.  The 20 page book gives us a little room to let the story “breath”.  The last thing you want to do is cram a million pictures in an album.  We want people to quickly look through the album and go “WOW, your wedding was amazing!”.  Pick the best 60 images that tell your story of the day and we will do the rest!

Where will I be able to view all of my images once they are done?
Once all the images are edited we will post them in a private gallery online and will send you a link with a password.   This gallery is only viewable by you and whoever you decide to send the link and password to!

Where can I order prints, gallery wraps, and albums?
All of the ordering is done through the proofing site.  Once you have the link you can view you pictures and order prints!

What images show up on the blog … and when do they show up?
Our blog showcases our best work and the work we want our future couples to see.  Normally we will put a few shots on Facebook a couple days after the shoot and then do a full post about a week later.  During peak wedding season the post may be 2 weeks after the shoot because we have so many shoots to blog.

Do you travel?
YES! We love to travel.  We travel for over half of our weddings and engagements every year.   We can quote you a cost for travel when you inquire with us.  We do not charge extra for traveling beyond the normal cost of transportation, hotel, food, etc.