Gavin + Elizabeth = 3 Day NYC Shootout!

June 24, 2010

“….our story… Gavin and I actually met in 7th grade.  I don’t actually remember this part, but according to Gavin he asked me out when we were 13, and I said no!  Finally, 13 years later I ran into him in Cleveland and started to rethink my refusal.  We realized we were both living in New York, and decided to have dinner.  One crazy night at a Mexican restaurant (and 3 years) later Gavin asked another important question.  He faked an injury during a run along the shore of Lake Michigan, so he could get down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  This time I said yes!”  –Elizabeth, on how she and Gavin met

Elizabeth and Gavin had not originally planned on doing an engagement shoot.  About a month ago I emailed Elizabeth asking her if she was interested (I thought they lived in Chicago…).  Turns out they both live in New York City…Even better!  It did not take to much to convince her to have us out there for a couple days to do an “extended” engagement shoot!  Cool places, cool people, and love make great pictures every single time.

Jackie and I will be shooting Gavin and Elizabeth’s wedding later this summer in Cleveland.  It will be another barn wedding so I am SUPER excited for that because, well, barns are epic for weddings.

I am so glad they had us come out to NYC.  Jackie and I had a blast and it was like a mini honeymoon for us before the wedding!  At least that is how I looked at it!!!

We shot Central Park, the courthouses, the Brooklyn Bridge, and “The Red Door”.

Seriously sweet stuff here….