Grandma and Grandpa Wolf

70 Years Together

August 29, 2012

Doug and I spend a lot of time (okay, all our time!) celebrating the beginning of a marriage with our clients. I can’t think of many people who have a better job than us. We get to surround ourselves with happy, excited people and with youthful, joyous, new love. It’s pretty awesome, no doubt about it, but recently we got to witness, and participate in something even cooler.

This year marks the 70th wedding anniversary of Doug’s grandparents, George and Bernice Wolf. They were married on July 4th 1942. To see a couple remain married, and happy, through all that time and adversary is amazing!

This year the Wolf Family celebrated a nearly unheard of anniversary with the renewal of their vows. It was a wonderful, emotional event!

We are honored and humbled to be a part of a family encourages and upholds that kind of unconditional love, which is why Doug and I also said “Happy Anniversary” on July 4th. We’re on year two, looks like we have a ways to go!

Cheers to George and Bernice, better known as Grandpa and Grandma Wolf