The Best Image of 2013

December 31, 2013

The Best Image of 2013
Lexie and Ryan /// The Starship

Going to try something new this year…
In the past we have done a “best of” post (and this year was no different).  We always try to change it up a little bit from year to year just to make it fun and interesting.
This year we thought it would be cool to do a ” Best Image” of the year.
Our goal as wedding photographers is tell the story of our couples lives.  We spend a HUGE amount of time getting to know our couples and finding out exactly what makes them unique.  This year our engagement sessions have gone to the next level!  Many of our couples this year are either getting married out of town or live out of town and are coming back to Ohio for their weddings.  We are lucky enough to be able to travel to our couples so that we can do their engagement shoots someplace that really matters to them.  Incorporating normal activities is an amazing way to make photos that really matter and will be relevant way down the road.  It also helps us to get to know our couples in their own environment.
Some of the places we were able to shoot this year….
Upper Peninsula Michigan
And the list could go on!

So in picking the best image of 2013 we wanted something that really told the story of the couple, spoke to their personalities, showed something cool they like to do, and was visually fun.  Lexie and Ryan’s engagement session in Texas was amazing.  We jammed so much stuff into 1.5 days of shooting that it would be pretty much impossible to do anything else.  The image that we picked is amazing on so many different levels.  First of all it shows that they are pretty much willing to do anything (Ryan is upside down!).  Second it shows how much fun they are as a couple.  We were able to incorporate the Grape Fest carnival rides (which they normally ride) and make a killer photo that their kids will certainly think highly of!

To us this is pretty much the epitome of what we want to do with an engagement photo (or any photo) every time.