Ivan + Brittany —> Love, Lightning, and Old Man’s Cave

June 13, 2010

Jackie and I took our first trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio for Ivan and Brittany’s engagement shoot, and despite some crazy late spring weather we all had an awesome time!  I was impressed with how beautiful Hocking Hills was and I am sure I only saw a tiny bit of everything it had to offer during our shoot.   At ash cave we saw the waterfall which only flows at certain times of the year so that was really cool.  So many cool places to take pictures, we spent 3 hours there but you could no doubt spend a whole day. We shot until well after dark and then had to rush around the middle of no where to find somewhere to eat dinner and luckily made it to the local BBQ place before it closed at 10:30!

I am looking forward to Ivan and Brittany’s wedding in September because it is in Vermilion, OH. which is where Jackie grew up and where we are getting married in a few weeks!

NOTE:  No waterfalls were harmed in the making of these photos!