Jackie | Fiance

May 27, 2009

Some pictures of my lovely fiance Jackie. She is my best friend and trusted side kick for just about everything that I do. Pictures were done on Memorial Day. She was dressed up and actually asked if I wanted to take pictures of her! Usually she gets mad because I am snapping off shots when she thinks she looks less than her best.
Eventually we will have some engagement pictures done with both of us. These are for you Jackie. Hopefully they show people how I see you…
No shots of the ring because it is in being re sized, but a big thanks to John Muni for all his hard work on it. We both appreciate it.
Now down to the technical aspects of the shoot. It was around 2 pm, so the sun was high and bright. We found some shade but I actually wanted to try shooting in direct sun because I need some practice with that type of lighting. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead on a paid shoot any other time than two hours before sunset when the light is the best. I used two flashes which I had to hold (very challenging!) but it worked out alright I think. Jackie also was gracious enough to give us TWO glamour/top model shots, one by the concrete tube and the other with our animal talent for the day Mr. Gunner.