Jen and Glenn

Chagrin Falls Engagement

August 20, 2013

We had an awesome time with  Jen and Glenn in Chagrin Falls. We always brag about how awesome our couples are and how much fun we have with them, and Jen and Glenn were no exception! We started out the day with ice cream at the Popcorn Shop, then wandered around downtown Chagrin Falls. From there we headed out to Jen’s parents’ house to meet up with their favorite four-legged friend, Bosco(and we heard he might be getting a friend after the wedding too!). Then we headed out to Jen and Glenn’s house. When they heard I was doing a triathlon in the morning they made me my own pasta dinner while we spent the evening on the deck relaxing (see, totally awesome!). We had a great time and we’re excited to be visiting the Hillbrook in a couple weeks for their wedding!

Congrats guys!

Jen and Glenn /// Engaged