Jen and Glenn // Hillbrook Club Wedding

October 18, 2013

Well the theme for the day was “roll with it”… and luckily, Jen and Glenn are just about the coolest, most laid back people we’ve ever worked with!

We started out the wedding weekend watching the weather as we headed to Jen’s parents’ house for the rehearsal. They had an awesome outdoor picnic catered by The Winking Lizard  complete with some eventful Chinese Lanterns just before the rainstorm. We also got ridiculously spoiled by Frank and Claudia, who sent Doug home with figs, snacks and enough lavender to open a soap factory!

You know how people say rain on your wedding day is good luck? Well, Jen and Glenn are probably the luckiest people we’ve ever photographed… just not when it came to catching a break on their wedding day! The morning started out with scattered, torrential “showers” to which Jen shrugged, said she hoped it would stop in time for the ceremony, then proceeded to have fun with her friends and not stress out about it- awesome act #1.

Then, when her girls went to get Jen’s dress, they noticed that something was wrong with the zipper. That “something” turned out to be unfixable, and when the seamstress didn’t answer we made the snap decision to head to the Beechwood Mall to Ticknor’s (a men’s suit store) so the seamstress there could fix the dress- awesome act #2 and #3 because Glenn had agreed to a first look, which allowed room in the schedule to do this without changing the ceremony time! When we got to Ticknor’s they didn’t have any long white zippers, so instead of getting a new zipper, Jen got sewn into her wedding dress! Mind you, she hasn’t lost her cool, or even stopped smiling through this entire event… she just said “it’s my wedding day, and not matter what happens it’s a special day and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

And it’s a good thing that’s how she felt, because we careened into Hillbrook Country and raced  the weather for the aisle. And I do mean we raced… and we lost… in fact just as Jen and Glenn were exchanging vows the skies opened in a downpour! Luckily, that was the last test of the day, and while the weather didn’t hold, Jen and Glenn’s attitudes sure did (awesome act… one thousand!).

In the evening the skies cleared for some great photos, and a even of fun celebration complete with an awesome candy bar, cigars, photobooth craziness and lots and lots of dancing.

I know this is longer than our usual blog post stories, but Jen and Glenn were such amazing sports about the melt-down worthy wedding day events and we wanted everyone to know just how wonderful, excellent, awesome they are!

 Jen & Glenn /// Married