Jessa and Joe

Marquette Michigan Engagement Session

September 3, 2013

Well here it is, we (both having graduated from Ohio State a couple times) have a very difficult time saying anything nice about Michigan, but when it comes to the Upper Peninsula, it’s so darn beautiful it’s hard to not love it! We travelled up to the UP for Jessa and Joe’s engagement session. We spent an evening shooting near the harbor and by Blackrocks at Little Preque Isle, a beautiful area filled with sandy beaches and neat rock formations that jut out into Lake Superior. We also hiked to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain where Joe proposed and even spent some time at the Northern Michigan University football dome where Joe works. All in all we had an amazing time with Jessa and Joe, and we even loved being in Michigan! We’re looking forward to their wedding next July 4th which happens to also be our 4th anniversary!

Jessa and Joe /// Engaged