Jessica and Michael

Cleveland Botanical Gardens Wedding

December 10, 2011

This was our first wedding at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and the venue sure did not dissappoint!  Despite a little bit of wet ground at the gardens Jessica and Michael had an ideal fall day to get married!
This was a special wedding for me because during Jessica and Michael’s engagement session was the first time Jackie and I ever shot our 4×5 camera!  For the wedding we had new cameras and were ready to go for some more awesome 4×5 shots!  Things went perfectly and they have probably the best collection of 4×5 work we have done in one wedding.   Plus they are both pretty easy to take pictures of so that helps out!
You will also notice some pictures of Jessica and her two sisters visiting their Grandmother in the hospital.  She was not able to make the wedding so everyone stopped by in between the portraits and the reception to say hello and show off their dresses!  All I can say is that Italian women are spunky…even when they are sick and in the hospital!

Jackie and I had an awesome time all day and have to thank both families for everything!

Jessica and Michael /// Married

Graflex 4×5 HP5+

Graflex 4×5 HP5+

Graflex 4×5 HP5+ … Killing the Group Formal!