Jessica and Scott

Cleveland City Hall Rotunda

August 29, 2012

Whew! If HOT is the theme of our weddings this summer, then Jessica and Scott take the cake! Their wedding was in downtown Cleveland and the numbers were all in the three digit range.

We already knew we loved working with Jessica and Scott because we had a ton of fun shooting their engagement session downtown a couple months ago, and we’ve been lucky enough to shoot a couple of their friends weddings and babies, so we had an awesome time hanging out with old friends and new ones!

After shooting the Graflex at their engagement session, Jessica and Scott decided they liked the look of film (music to our ears!) and opted to have that be a focus for their wedding day. They had a beautiful Catholic ceremony downtown at Saint John the Evangelist. From there we headed downtown to the aqueducts for photos. The bridal party were troopers about hiking in the heat and we got some awesome photos because of it!

Cleveland recently opened it’s City Hall Rotunda to wedding receptions, and Jessica and Scott’s was the first time we got to shoot there. It was a beautiful facility and they did a fantastic job getting everything together. We had fun dancing the night away, and after the sparkler exit we kept the party going by heading to the bowling alley on 5th Ave!
Jessica and Scott… we had an amazing time!  Thanks for everything!

Jessica and Scott /// Married

The Rehearsal

The Wedding

OK… I’ll admit it…this double exposure was a complete screw up!  BUT… it turned out pretty sweet so I will just act like I planned on doing it:)