Jill and Ben

Atlanta Wedding

July 26, 2011

Jackie and I are really lucky this year to be able to travel to some amazing places all over the country to capture the stories of so many couples on their wedding day.
Our trip to Atlanta was awesome.   Jill and Ben’s wedding was in Decatur, GA, a small suburb of Atlanta.  Decatur is also where my cousin Judy and her husband Jorge live with their son Javier.  We were lucky enough to be able to stay at their house for during our trip and spend some time visiting when we were not with Jill and Ben.
Jill and Ben had their rehearsal dinner at McGowan’s pub in Oakhurst.  It was an awesome place for friends and family to gather for a pre-wedding day celebration with Jill and Ben.  The first portion of the blog post shows just a few shots of the awesome night everyone had together. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Thomas More Catholic Church and the reception was at the Courthouse in downtown Decatur.  The Courthouse was an awesome venue to celebrate the wedding in!

Here is the story!

Jill and Ben
The Rehearsal

Jill’s Mom talks to her sister as the rehearsal dinner winds down.

The Wedding

Real nice Ben, real nice!

Jill watches the TV with video of everyone being seated in the church just before she walks down the isle.

The Courthouse was sooo good!

Everyone at the reception did a Huey Lewis “Power of Love” dedication to Jill and Ben…

  Congrats guys!