Jimmy and Steve

Do Breckenridge Colorado

February 1, 2014

Since we moved out west Jackie and I have been trying to convince just about anyone we can to come visit us.  We can guarantee fun!
So far we have only had a few takers but more will be trickling in in the next few months!

One of my photography buddies from the internet (ya Jackie and I have a lot of internet friends) decided to do a cross country trip from New Jersey to visit friends, take pictures, and chase the deep powder.  Jimmy and Steve certainly had an interesting trip… car jackings, stolen gear, some snowboarding, lots of beer, sleeping on the floor, broken cameras, and lots of picture taking at f22!  Jimmy and Steve stopped by for a couple days on their way back to Jersey and tag along during some of the normal stuff Jackie and I do.

I honestly say I have not had this much fun shooting pictures in a while.  As wedding photographers when we are shooting we are normally getting paid and under a fair amount of stress to get the shots our couples want.  Shooting with Jimmy and Steve was cool because I quite frankly did not care about the outcome which really helps creativity and also makes shooting really fun.  We all shot film so we took our shot and moved on.  Spent more time with each other and less time looking at the back of the camera.

I shot some really really old film and really enjoyed the results.  I processed all the BW film myself and had the color processed at Walgreens and then scanned it all myself.

Jimmy and Steve left just before what might be the biggest storm we will get all year….come visit again guys and next time stay longer!

Today is also Jimmy’s birthday.  So this blog post is for you Mr. Oh…..