Kara and Anthony

Botzum Farm Wedding

November 9, 2011

I could go on and on all day about how awesome Kara and Anthony are but, my words would pale in comparison to the story below.   Their engagment shoot was awesome.  Their wedding was awesome.  They are awesome.
They had a perfect fall day to celebrate their wedding at the Conrad Botzum Farm in Peninsula, OH.  The Botzum Farm is probably one of our favorite places to shoot.  The whole area is pretty much perfect for taking pictures and it is my opinion that you can never go wrong with an outside wedding involving fields and barns!
I have to thank Kara and Anthony for giving is so much time to work our magic.  What you are about to see is as much their doing as it is mine and Jackie’s.  They  totally understood Botzum is an amazing place and that spending a little extra time during the right part of the day taking pictures would end with an amazing set of pictures…and we all certainly got them!
Also, big thanks to both families for being so generous and easy to work with throughout the day!

*On a side note for any of our viewers who are super into photography in general, this wedding was shot using a combination of digital, medium format film, and large format film.  The medium format fim was choosen to give us a little more “rustic” feel to match the fall barn theme.  The film was all 5-8 year old expired Kodak PortraVC for color and Ilford HP5+ for the 4×5 b/w shots.

Kara and Anthony /// Botzum Farm
The Story