Kathy & Matt

The Goat Roast and Rehearsal

September 5, 2011

Two journies beginning…
I have been thinking about the next two blog posts ever since we travelled to and photographed Kathy and Matt’s wedding in Whitefish, MT.  Anyone who knows me and Jackie knows that we have been thinking about moving west for years now.  First we wanted to get married then we wanted to build the business…life happens.  We are finally in a place now where we can start thinking about going west…
We jumped at the chance to travel to Montana to capture Kathy and Matt’s wedding because it gave us an excuse to travel around to all the places we were considering moving!  Our journey was finally beginning…

From the first time Jackie and I met Kathy and Matt it was clear how much they love Montana, especially Glacier National Park.  Kathy and Matt asked their closest friends to share their wedding week in Montana by doing everything they love to do while they are there.  A week of hiking, camping, cookouts, bonfires, ZIPLINING,  and time hanging out with good friend and family ensued.   So much love…so much life!  Kathy and Matt were so thrilled to share the “Montana” part of their life with everyone that they barely had enough time to do everything they wanted!  The only thing Matt was worried about was if everyone else was having a good time!  So cool.  It is always humbling to be welcomed into a family for a brief time and be allowed to share in everyones love.  Kathy and Matt’s wedding was no different.

What made this trip really awesome was that the town where the wedding was, Whitefish, MT, was an almost perfect fit for what Jackie and I were looking for in a place to move.  As the wedding week went on Jackie and I kept saying to ourselves “wow I cannot believe how perfect it is here…”.   When Kathy and Matt got married by Whitefish Lake you could see people waterskiing with ski slopes in the background…perfect.  We had this long trip planned after the wedding to 5 states and tons of cities to try to find a place we liked and it turned out the best place was the first place we went!  Funny how things work out.

So Kathy and Matt’s journey begins and so does Jackie’s and mine.

This set of photos is from the goat roast they had a couple days before the wedding and the rehearsal dinner the evening before.  We were lucky enough to spend about an hour with Kathy and Matt after the roast doing some “engagement” type pictures with the lake and mountains in the background.

Goat Roast/Rehearsal

Perfect…big lake for Jackie and ski resorts for Doug.  Thank you Matt and Kathy for picking a spot that Jackie and I would consider paradise!

Some pre wedding games…

The Rehearsal

Haha this was so good.  Matt and Kathy’s buddy got his certificate online so that he could marry Matt and Kathy!  Then he rocks the pink bow tie…oh yeah.