Katy and Jon

Pittsburgh Engagement Session

September 11, 2012

We had an awesome time in Pittsburgh and Wheeling with Katy and Jon on their engagement shoot.

To be honest, Doug and I have spent a lot of time driving past and through Pittsburgh, but we’ve never really spent much time in the city. But, after doing Katy and Jon’s photos, I have to concede… Pittsburgh is a pretty cool city. We spent the day downtown. We started at the Steelers’ stadium and wandered the riverfront and the yellow bridges. Then later we headed up to Mount Washington, where Jon proposed, to watch the fireworks at the Pirates’ game.

On Sunday we headed back to Katy and Jon’s hometown, Wheeling, which is starting to feel like a third hometown to us too! Katy and Jon met on match.com, and it amazes me that they are both from Wheeling and live in Pittsburgh, it couldn’t have worked out better! We decided to highlight that beginning to their relationship in their hometown, so we hit all the local hotspots, and in a desperate attempt to find wi-fi, we found some new spots too…!

You guys were amazing!

Katy & Jon /// Engaged