Kelsey and John —> Canton Wedding

August 4, 2010

Kelsey and John finished the month of July in spectacular fashion at their wedding in Canton, Ohio. We were really lucky again this week and had great light for pictures. I had a lot of fun at this wedding. It was really laid back and we had a TON of time to do photos. Kelsey and John has an epic engagement shoot earlier this year in Mansfield,  so I knew Jackie and I would get some great stuff at the wedding. I had a lot of fun with the guys shooting while the girls were getting ready. John’s groomsmen were  just as funny as he was, although none of them could keep there eyes open for the photos! I decided that I would put up some of the shots of them laughing and goofing around rather than the normal “lets all smile and stand this way” poses. I think they capture how John and the guys are a little more truthfully!
The photobooth was awesome as well and Kelsey’s guestbook with the prints in it, which looked awesome!
I also have to thank Kelsey’s Grandma because she helped me get some lemonade after the wedding was long over and everything was packed up. She even gave me a giant bag of cookies and buckeyes. It amazes me how well everyone always takes care of me and Jackie at weddings. It really makes us love what we do!
And now the story begins….

To me, these next two shots are perfect guy group shots.

He couldn’t keep his eyes open so I told him to hold them open!

Kelsey’s father got her this necklace in Thailand when she was 12 for her to wear on her wedding day.  Before her mother put it on she no idea her dad had it!

I was not going to blog this next picture but just wanted to prove that I could in fact take a serious picture with the guys!

John’s two favorite gals are in this picture.