Kelsey and John —-> The Engagement Shoot!

April 15, 2010

Starting my wedding season off with a massive 40 picture blog blitz of Kelsey and John’s engagement shoot.  Cannot wait for their wedding on July 31’st.  We all headed out to Kingwood Park in Mansfield, Oh. John’s hometown for some shots in the park.  Overcast skies didn’t stop us from getting great shots.  As a photographer I get a glimpse into a unique and sometimes private part of a couples relationship.  It is awesome to see two people connect so well and have so much love and affection.  I always encourage couples to do an engagement shoot so that we both get a chance to work with each other before the big day, it makes the story I tell and the connection I capture SO much stronger.

So John and Kelsey pretty much did it perfect and came to work big time.  We shot for at least 2 hours at the park then went downtown and John showed us Mansfield’s best spot for “real Mansfield food”, Coney Island.  After eating a jumbo chili dog (Thanks for dinner John!) we headed back out for some downtown/night time shots.  In our initial meeting I gave them some suggestions for spots to look out for to shoot depending on what “style” of shoot they wanted.  John picked out some great locations behind some old downtown buildings, great texture, sexy lighting, everything was right.

Kelsey and John are also taking part in my Engagement shoot special.  If they get 30 comments on the blog about their pictures (from different people) I deduct the cost of the shoot from the final price!  So go ahead, help them out!!!  You leave a comment, you save them 5 bucks!

This is how an engagement shoot is done people……

Last shot is one of my favorites. I told them to make it seem like he just took her home after a romantic date gave her a kiss good night and then left but she didn’t want to let go.
That about does it, wedding season 2010 here we come!