Kimberly and Brian ——> Beer, Buffalo, and a Wedding

September 29, 2010

This wedding was a big deal for me.  Kimberly has been one of my best friends for the better part of 10 years and I was lucky enough to not only share the day with her at the party but to capture the love with my camera.   Brian you are a lucky guy!
I was more at ease shooting this wedding that I ever have been at a wedding before.  Probably because I practically grew up with most of the bridal party!   Lucky me right!  Actually in high school I pretended I could keep up with all of them in class but really they just ran circles around me!  I was telling Jackie about the wedding afterward (she had to miss this one because our rowing team had a regatta) and I said that I had to laugh because the girls are probably the smartest  people I know and NONE of them could keep their eyes open or look at me for a picture for more than one second!  Oh well…
It was really awesome to see everyone and to get to spend some time catching up with people that I have not seen in forever.  Funny how even after so many years you never really miss a beat with people and can just pick up conversations where you left them off years ago.

To Kimberly:  You have always been there for me.  I could not ask for a better friend.  I am soooo happy you found Brian!  Thank you for letting me tell your story!
To Brian:  You make good beer….Seriously though you are perfect for Kimberly and I plan on visiting frequently and drinking your beer!

A big thanks to Josh Evilsizor for coming along to shoot this one with me!  A LOT of the shots in this post are his.

I was never a writer, the ladies can attest to that!  I can tell the story with my pictures though…..

The after-rehearsal party…

Brian’s only request all day was that I get a shot of him putting his tie on.  I won’t tell anyone you had to use the internet as a reference….

These next two pictures might be my favorite from the whole day.  Simple first look shots but really soo much more….  On the right is Raechel and Kim’s sister Erin and Kim’s dad’s fiance.  Raechel has been Kim’s best friend forever and Raechel’s expression basically tells the whole story.

I have almost 40 shots in this setup and this is the closest they all got to simultaneously looking at me!

Josh set this one up and did a large format film shot on his Mamiya RB67.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

When Josh and I got to the hotel we saw a sign for the steakhouse in the hotel which is the 3rd best in Buffalo…we could not figure out why they would want to advertise that they were 3rd best.  I included this shot because Louie’s actually is the BEST hot dog place in Buffalo and this sign proves it.

If you look closely you can see Kimberly and her father coming down the isle and her father giving her away to Brian.  Josh on the long exposure…nice!

Josh and I both agree and that anytime Todd (the best man) wants his picture taken we will gladly volunteer.  He is so ahead of the times he doesn’t have facebook!  I picked the rockstar toast picture for ya Todd!

Candy cigarettes…what are we 12?!


Josh said this last one was pure win!

Photobooth Action!!!!

Thanks also to Becca my trusty go to photobooth operator!  You need to marry my brother NOW.. Please he will not find anyone better.  We will pay you!

Kim and Brian I am so grateful to have been a part of your wedding and glad because quite frankly I get bored at weddings when I am not taking pictures!!!