Kristen and David

Wildwood Manor House Toledo Ohio Wedding

September 10, 2013

Yay for cakepop day! Haha, Kristen and David decided they wanted to be different, so instead of celebrating a wedding with cake they had “cake day” and celebrated it with a wedding!
Kristen and David had a beautiful ceremony in the Green Lawn Garden outside the Wildwood Manor House in Toledo. They had wonderful, original vows that showcased their fun, laidback nature and had their family and friends laughing and crying in turn. After the ceremony, they moved inside the manor for the reception, which included several “humiliating, yet touching speeches” as Kristen put it. They also took the time to promote two of their favorite charities during their wedding by requesting donations to Child’s Play in lieu of wedding gifts, and having a contest to raise money for Recycled Doggies. Kristen came out as the clear winner of the Cupcake-in-the-Face contest (naturally) and got to smash their wedding cupcake in David’s face, and boy did she deliver a smashing! The evening ended with dancing, rowdy photobooth prints, and lots and lots of fun! Congratulations Kristen and David (hope the icing is out of your nose by now!)

 Kristen and David /// Married

Even best men get cake in the face!