Kristina and Randy

Michaud’s Town and Country Wedding

July 30, 2012

Well, if you exchange “fat” for “fun” and “frumpy Toula” for “fantastic Kristina,” I pretty much felt like I landed on the movie set at this last wedding! We already knew Kristina and Randy were champs after they braved a frigid October downpour during their engagement photos, so we weren’t a bit worried about the blinding sun and outrageous temperatures!
Kristina and Randy had their ceremony and reception at Michauds. It was a scorcher outside but we all braved the elements for an awesome traditional Greek ceremony before we headed to the reception for some amazing baklava and dancing. I’ll tell you what, I’m not the most coordinated person in the world (not a big confession to anyone who knows me!) … so I was riveted by the Greek dancing. Every time a new dance started I would think, “Okay, this looks easy enough, I might be able to do it…” but the catch is every dance speeds up more and more! My frequency with gravity checks forced me to an observer, but I do think I’ll encourage my family to pick up the ‘money toss’ tradition… Kristina’s family was sure making it rain!We also had an awesome time listening to The Grecian Keys, the band at the wedding, who have performed at 3,093 weddings and counting! Doug and I had a great time celebrating with Kristina and Randy and their big, fun, Greek (and non-Greek) families! Greek wedding are amazing!

Kristina & Randy /// Married